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This guest blog is brought to you by my wonderful friend and colleague Mira Rocca, MFT. See below for her bio.
If life begins outside of my comfort zone, then I choose to take a step out and live intentionally!
There is a level of comfort we all fall into in our lives. Whether it’s at work, in a relationship with our partner or a friend, in parenting, with our food, with our body, or with our healing of past wounds. Almost like when we have driven the same path to work for so long, we don’t think about how to get there — we just go. We don’t question if there is a better route or if there is a new radio station to listen to. We just get in our cars and drive. This comfort is so normal to us we don’t often think much about it. Why would we? After all, we are comfortable, right? Well, the answer is yes, until we know better. 
When we wake up from this comfort we begin to notice how unComfortable we actually are. We begin to shift from autopilot into Pilot. We breathe life back into our existence. This is where we awake into Choice. We get still. We pause and breathe in that stillness and get curious. This pause of awareness that can no longer be unseen, can no longer be unfelt. It is solely by choice that we decide to ignore and move back into comfort or Grow. The empowerment we allow back into our lives when we see life from this angel is magic. 
Now, you might be reading this thinking, “I’m good, my life is decent, can’t complain.” Or “Ugh! So much disComfort! It’s too much to think about.” The truth is there is always a step to take forward. We just have to be willing to choose. So, before you jump into making the same theme of resolutions, take a moment to check in and Choose Mindfully.
Here are five easy steps to making a mindful choice when creating intentions for your 2017:

1. Unplug. We cannot be clear and awake while distracted with so many devices. Turn them all off to turn your own wisdom on.
2. Breathe. Yes, of course we are always breathing, but when we breathe with focus and intention we begin to hear answers to questions more clearly. Take at least three full breaths like this — Inhale (4 seconds) Pause (7 seconds) Exhale (8 seconds) Notice. Repeat.
3. Get Curious. Where in your life are you not 1000% content and excited? Notice what comes up. Write it down. Notice the feelings. Keep breathing. Write.
4. Choose. Make a choice to either take a step out of your comfort zone or not.  No wrong answer here, but this is important to answer honestly if you want to create sustainable change in 2017. Make a clear and attainable small step that you can look back on and see the change. Have the important conversation; say I love You; say I’m Sorry; see a Therapist; throw out triggering clothes; smash the scale; book a retreat; pick a specific yoga class to go to; open a new savings account. You get the idea.
5. Commit it to action. Pick one person who you will be accountable to. We are humans meant to be in relationship with other humans. And the most fulfilling relationships are ones based on trust and openness. Who are your people? Who can support you through creating a sustainable, empowered, joyful 2017. This can be your partner, your sibling, your therapist, your friend. You choose.
Remember to always lead with self-care and self-compassion when beginning to live your life with more Intent. You matter. You are worth it. You can choose You.
When we live our lives on purpose, we grow, we shift, we slowly move out of our comfort zone and into magic.
Mira Rocca, LMFT, is an experienced and licensed Integrative Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach who is dedicated to helping individuals overcome problems with food, body image, exercise, depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and familial issues. She helps her clients see that there is a better way to live, and guides them on a path to reach their fullest potential in life. Mira creates space for individuals to inhabit your body, while learning to balance your own vulnerability and inner strengths. Mira’s passion lies in helping mothers heal their body and food issues so they don’t trickle down to the kids. In creating her thriving practice from the ground up, Mira is excited and passionate about mentoring others in their own empowered success.
Visit Mira’s website at www.MiraRocca.com.

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