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Did you know that women can suffer from depression and/or anxiety when they first find out they are pregnant? That it’s not just a post partum condition? When we think about pregnancy, we get happy, think amazing thoughts, can’t wait to meet the little baby who is growing inside. We start planning, thinking of names, […]

After spending 122 days on bedrest with her twins, Jessica Fisher created something amazing for pregnant women with the challenge of bedrest.

I’m afraid to be social. I don’t know how to talk to people. Is it social anxiety?

Nearly everyone is familiar with that idiom “stop and smell the roses.” A study at Rutgers University confirmed that taking time out to appreciate meaningful things and people in our lives greatly contributes to our overall happiness.[1] This is key in the treatment of depression and those suffering from low self-esteem. What do you think […]

Fear is an irrational liar. Read more to find out what I mean.

Just in time for the New Year: Integrative Psychotherapist, Mira Rocca, talks about Living Intentionally by Choosing Mindfully.

Let’s talk disappointment. That “wa-wa-waaaa” feeling of being let down. Where does it come from and how do we deal with it once it happens? Disappointment stems from an unmet expectation. Yes, it’s really that simple. Someone tells you they will do something for/with you, you expect them to follow through, and you get disappointed. […]

The holiday season brings up a host of emotions for everyone. This time of year, the “holiday blues” creep up on a significant portion of the population. Some people can’t wait for what the holidays mean – snow, cold weather, Christmas, presents, family, food. For others, the holidays are just reminders of what hasn’t gone […]

Our society still has this stigma of receiving mental health help. I’ve heard things recently like: “If you see a therapist, there’s something wrong with you.” “Therapy means you can’t handle your own life.” “Therapy means you’re weak.” “Oh…you see a therapist? What’s wrong with you?” “Why do you see a therapist? Can you not handle […]

Super Mom. We hear about her all the time. She’s the mom who puts us all to shame with everything she is able to accomplish – SOBER! She looks amazing, works full time, has 3 kids in car seats, does carpool, and has a freshly made dinner on the table every evening, AND, of course, […]

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18.1% of adults suffer from some type of anxiety disorder and, while anxiety is a highly treatable mental health condition, only 1/3 of those suffering receive treatment. In the workplace, anxiety can be triggered by interviews, presentations, interacting with colleagues and supervisors, and fears of inadequacy or […]

Belly breathing alleviates your anxiety. Read how!

Are you practicing Mind Fullness or Mindfulness?

I haven’t been shy about sharing my bought of Postpartum Depression back in 2011 after the birth of my first child. This might be considered over-sharing in some circles, but I feel it helps me connect to my clients more because I really can relate to what they might be experiencing – not just saying I […]

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