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Tarzana TherapistMichelle Dabach, MA, LMFT

I AM YOUR ANXIETY SPECIALIST! Anxiety takes many forms — it can accompany depression after you’ve just had a baby; you could be transitioning in life and be anxious as to finding your next steps; or you may be encountering a lot of stress, which could be contributing ot prolonged anxiety. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to cope with anxiety. Whether your anxiety is severe or mild, if it interferes with your everyday life, then it something that you might want to consider working on.
My practice focuses on helping those who suffer needlessly from anxiety and depression. Working together, I can teach you skills by way of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that will offer you success in minimizing your anxious and depressed feelings. The great news is you DON’T have to suffer! There are proven remedies to help you feel better and live an anxiety free life.
Finding the right therapist can be tough, and nothing is more important than making sure a comfortable and safe environment is created. For this reason, I offer a free phone consultation. You get to ask the questions you need to know answers to before starting this journey. I’m here to help in any way that I can.


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